Thursday, May 5, 2011


Here is my glog's URL. Still not sure what all to put on it...


Major Research Project

My major research project this semester was a history paper on the incidence of infanticide in nineteenth century America. Here is my main Powerpoint presentation on it, as delivered in HIS 300

This semester

This has been a very difficult semester. In February I lost my last surviving grandparent, my maternal grandmother... who I had gotten so close to finally meeting... and in the middle of finals, had to put my very cherished and loved cat to sleep due to severe complications with diabetes. It's hard to engage oneself when one is so saturated with pain and sadness. I am mad that I was basically 3 months away from meeting my grandma, finally, and then, she passes... It feels like a slap in the face. Then my beloved pet crashes and suddenly cannot walk, eat, or drink. I miss him so very much. Getting anything done has been 10X more difficult than usual.

I am in deep mourning. I dedicate this post to my beloved Sydney.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Busy days...

Next 3 days are crammed with assignments, presentations, and finals... can't wait till the weekend, already. Sleep is going to prove to be an elusive minx, tonight...

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Department of Theatre & Dance

Hats off to USM's department of Theatre & Dance this semester! I had the pleasure of viewing A Streetcar Named Desire as well as the spring dance concert. Both productions were excellent. Live theatre brings the stories to life in a way completely unattainable by television and movies; I hope we never lose this precious art to technology.
My first experience was the performance of Hair in 2005. I'd love to see it again!

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Special Collections, McCain Library

There was so much at the Special Collections that caught my interest. The antique king and queen's chairs are so cool, and the vast collection of documents is just overwhelming. Pages out of a Guntenberg World History, the de Grummond children's collection; diaries, correspondences, it's hard to pick a favorite.

Sunday, January 30, 2011

USM Centennial Exhibit

The Centennial Exhibit is located in the first floor of the Cook Library. It contains various artifacts of USM history, many of which have been donated by former Alumni. The various pieces of USM history on display include archived copies of the Student Printz, an original Dixie Darlings uniform from the 1960s, and other school-related uniforms, such as Army ROTC and the Pride marching band. There are also a number of original documents, such as students' report cards from the 1910s, giving us glimpse into what student life was like in USM's early days. Also showcased are examples of cultural events which have been hosted or promoted by USM in the past, specifically the performance of renowned opera singer Renée Fleming, which took place January 29th, 2010.
My personal favorite displays are the old report cards, student planners, and the canning equipment used by the “Tomato club at Mississippi Normal College,” c. 1916. There are also a number of original photos from the early days of USM; it is truly amazing how much the campus has grown. From a small state Normal College to a major University offering diverse degree programs, USM's history is truly remarkable!